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5th-Oct-2010 07:26 pm - Bunny strikes again
pretty bunny
Yoric's mother has very kindly been watching Bunny for the past month while we've been Festing. She returned Bunny yesterday.

This evening, Yoric's cold gel pack fell to the floor, and being fairly immobile, he didn't pick it up, or pay much attention. Bunny thought this would be a good time to get a snack in.

When she came to me, licking her lips and looking dirty about the muzzle, I went investigating, and found the punctured gel pack, not all over the floor, thank goodness.

I a bit of a panic, I called the vet. The nurse spoke to the doctor and returned to the phone.
"The dr. recommends you call the Pet Poison Center."

OK, so I call. Before I get to a live human person, I am presented with a 30 second infomercial on the center, including the fact that my call will cost me $35. It's after Fest, Yoric is on Work Comp, and I'm unemployed. $35 is not something we have lying about. So a human answers the phone.
"Hello, how can I help you today?"
"I'm sorry, before I go further: is my call going to cost $35?"
"Yes it is. What did your pet ingest?"
"I'm sorry, I'm going to have to call back."

I call the vet back. They say it's better to pay $35 than to come to the office for an exam. Valid point. I still don't have the money.

Internet research it is. I manage to find the manufacturer's page, and the ingredients of the gel pack. The cold gel pack is made of water, salt, sodium chloride, and blue food dye. Bunny will likely have a tummy-ache, and possibly blue poo.

I call the vet to inform them my dog will not die, so they will know for future use.

I am annoyed. I have been let down by the professional establishments I rely on. Does anyone know if I should be bitching at someone legitimately?
Yoric broke his leg while we were out biking in Glenwood; his front tire slipped on some wet grass, and his back tire kept moving. This jammed his leg somehow - when I pulled the bike off of him, his foot was facing the wrong way.
The Glenwood EMTs and doctor and nurses were great. They took X-Rays (broken fibula) and bound his foot in a splint. This was Thursday (7/29).
Friday, we return to the Cities and arrange to have an appointment on Monday with someone who can tell us the state of Yoric's leg.
Yoric spends the weekend with his foot bound and propped, on the couch.
Monday, after a completely ridiculous amount of fuckitude, we see a specialist orthopedist. He says Yoric needs surgery, and schedules it for Friday. We have been very up front with everybody with regards to our lack of insurance.
Monday evening, we get a call that we need to front $1650 before the surgery can be performed. We panic. We don't have that kind of money.
Tuesday morning, after further calls, we find out the surgeon will cost an ADDITIONAL $900, bringing our total to $2550. We get documentation together, and hie our asses to Hennepin Human Services. Yoric is denied everything. He has been referred to MNCare, but they are an unknown: we don't know when the stuff will be processed, we don't know how much they'd cover, we don't know if it can be done in time.

I need help, people. Can anyone think of ANYONE or ANYWHERE we might ask?
Hooray for Turniphead!
Courtesy of the Knitting Daily newsletter.

When Lucy Mackenzie got a message on her answering machine from Colleen Kelsall at the Leavesden film studio outside London in spring 2000, she had no idea why. The mother of two toddlers and the owner of Pride and Joy, a children’s handknit clothing company in southern Scotland, Lucy simply didn’t have time to call back right away. Maybe they want free sweaters for something, she thought nonchalantly.

When she did respond a few days later and the receptionist answered, “Harry Potter Productions,’’ Lucy’s nonchalance quickly turned to excitement. She is a huge fan of J. K. Rowling’s phenomenal novels about the orphaned boy who at age eleven learns he is a wizard and is taken to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

As Lucy soon learned, Colleen was working for the film’s head costume designer Judianna Makofsky, and the two were hoping Pride and Joy could make a few handknits for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the first in the seven projected films in the Harry Potter series—and they absolutely expected to pay for the sweaters. To start, they needed a sweater with an H on it for Harry, and a sweater for each of the four Weasley brothers with their initials—R for Ron, F for Fred, etc.

The hook: they needed two to three exact replicas of each sweater for a total of nearly 15 sweaters and they needed them all within three weeks. And the sweaters needed to look as though they were made by Mrs.Weasley, described in the book as a rather poor knitter. The yarn was Rowan Felted Tweed, chosen, according to Judianna, for its “primitive’’ felted texture and tweedy English look; the typeface for the initials was Engravers MT, which Judianna liked for its old-fashioned, sorcerer-like appearance. In designing costumes for the film, Judianna was always considering director Chris Columbus’s goal of crafting visual images that felt simultaneously realistic and magical.

Because the initial sweaters were meant to look as though they were made by a fairly unskilled knitter, Lucy instructed her knitters to "misplace" the initials high up on the chest and not to worry about mistakes, but she reports, "It's hard for a skilled knitter not to knit properly."

Today Judianna says, “Those lovely ladies from Pride and Joy are the fastest knitters I know.’’ And she explains that they needed multiples of each sweater for the child actors’ stand-ins and as insurance in case a sweater was damaged.

For Lucy and her company, the magic of Harry Potter continues—orders for Harry’s initial sweater and a vest worn by Neville Longbottom in the last scene of Sorcerer's Stone are streaming in via Pride and Joy’s website, www.prideandjoyonline.com.
18th-Apr-2010 09:31 pm - Happy Spring!
Hooray for Turniphead!
Wow, it's April? How did that happen? I know, I know, the slow progression of time.

Ok. Yoric and I are living with unknownpoet's brother - we are renting the lower half of his house for the low low price of half our St. Paul duplex. This allows us to pay our bills, save and do more fun things. This is my first time living on the Mpls side of things. Still learning where things are. Many boxes remain for us to unpack; the rate of unpacking seems so slow to me because I'm not there to do it, and when I am home, we always seem to be running off somewhere.

We continue in our endeavors as photographers.The St. Paul Camera Club doesn't seem to be fitting our needs any more. Spring Break was great - it taught us a lot about our cameras and the people and the opportunities that are out there. The majority of the photography community seems to be retirement age and fairly conservative; not sure they're the people to support Yoric's work.

Yoric has an entry at the MIA Foot in the Door exhibition. Interesting concept, but I can see why they only have it every 10 years - so many entries, and of such variable quality. That's part of the appeal of course (it's not a juried show) but I do feel a bit "had" when I come across a piece that states "This is not art." And don't even get me started on how that could be meta.

We will be exhibiting at this year's St. Paul Art Crawl! We are located at the Rossmor Building (360 N Robert Street) in downtown St. Paul on the 2nd floor. Please come see us! Our "neighbors" are cool people too - I'm looking forward to seeing what they have to offer as well.

This early spring has me all confused - I keep expecting a huge snowfall! I want to build a raised garden bed in the back, grow some veggies and herbs, nothing too ambitious. I did some MAJOR pruning of the mystery trees and shrubs back there - looks like some are going to turn out to be lilacs! Once they've bloomed, I'm going to cut them WAY down; the things are fucking TREES right now.

I've started with DRC again, scoring assessment papers. I impressed my supervisor enough that she recommended me for promotion; not sure anything will come of that, but it was certainly a boost to my ego. Working 8 hours day again is a shock: I never have any time or energy when I get home; it's just a cycle of sleep, work, eat, sleep. I wish I got a bonus for reading faster than anyone else in the project.

Mom has had to put down both her beloved, elderly dogs; Abby in November, and Mindy this April. Both dogs were very old and had multiple ailments. Mindy's death was especially hard - her circulation was so bad at the end that she HOWLED when given the anesthetic, and it just about killed Mom. She hasn't slept well since Mindy's death.

Had a VERY enjoyable Easter luncheon with the Danas. Yoric and I arrived early, so took a walk around Grand Ave to play with our cameras.

The aunts and uncles continue to debate about the estate and the Lake, though recently, some progress seems to have been made. I don't know if Joe will ever rejoin the family; he's been too badly wounded. I think they all need to be given a time-out and a spanking.

We've started doing Scrabble dinner nights with Mom. It's a good thing I bring knitting, because between their laptops and perusing the board, Yoric and Mom can take up to 10 minutes for their turn. I'm strongly considering bringing a kitchen timer next time, and instituting a 5 minute rule. Mom brings me coffee on my lunch break over at DRC, and Yoric has been having lunch with HIS mom while she's working in Crystal. I love that we get this quality time.

Things continue to be hectic. Yoric managed to do the brilliant move of falling/fainting in front of his QRC and physical therapist. They're taking his dizziness claims a LOT more seriously now, and not pushing for him to go back to work. We both need to get back to the gym - they Anytime here is more of a drive, and Yoric wants to move over to the Civic center, as they have a pool, which of course would allow him to do more low impact exercise. CON's in 2 months, and I really want to lose some weight. It doesn't help that Mom sent us both home with loaded Easter baskets. Om nom nom Peeps.

And with that, goodnight.
7th-Mar-2010 12:52 am - Day of WIN
WOW. I had a DAMN good day. Start to finish. Excellent. Brilliant. Well-played.

Out of euphemisms.

Managed to get up, get coffeed, get Yoric up and out and on the road. Got to Wabasha city, found the camera lecture. Good basic photography stuff, followed by an HOUR of photographing a VERY photogenic eagle. Killed 3 rolls (yes, ROLLS, kicking it old-school) on her.

More photography stuff, which I didn't understand as well, as there were numbers involved. Really, I have a phobia or something.

Then lunch, which was an awesome pizzeria, where we had gyros. Also, there is a dude in downtown Wabasha who sells Japanese wedding kimonos. IN WABASHA. They are mind-blowingly beautiful; also, incredibly expensive. I would like one some day. To LOOK at, hang on the wall, NOT to wear. He had some genuine antiques in there, a pair of men's kimonos from the 1820s.

Back with camera group, and a field trip to see if we could spot some wild eagles. Saw some in the distance, but DID see an opossum up close.

Trip back to the Cities, AND I got a nap.

Dressed for Manna's Unbirthday Tea Party, went to said party, partied amid much hilarity. Kudos to all the brilliant folks who helped/assisted/cooked/cleaned up, etc. IT WAS AWESOME. And, as Manna said, "I love the fact that people are leaving my party clutching lamps."

Home to drop off party loot, then Rosedale for Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3D. Still processing, but initial thoughts are good - the look was very fun, SNAPPY dialogue, and good story. Also, EXCELLENT casting choices. A quality fun time.

Off to retrieve the Bunny from Mom's, where she languished all day. She came running, got picked up by her papa, and that was all, she was done.

Home to salad, cheesecake, TV and computers.

Days like this remind that it IS possible to have an awesome day that is not screwed up by some trivial detail. Been having some of those lately.

Good friends, interesting times, quality experiences. I am pleased.
5th-Feb-2010 12:28 am - Purely academic, my dear Watson
Hooray for Turniphead!
It's a perfectly academic question at the moment, but how does one raise boys to believe that women are beautiful, special, precious things to be loved and cherished?

Question arises after reading bad romance. *shrug*
24th-Jan-2010 09:20 pm - A book and a shiny
sexy eye
I bought a book today: the Anti-Bride Wedding Planner.

On the escalator, headed to check-out, I suddenly realized: wholly shit. I'm getting married. I'm getting MARRIED. Wow. Damn. Cool. Awesome. SHIT...!

Somehow having the book made it more real. I love my ring, I LOVE my ring, but having the book made it more...immediate.

I'm happily completing worksheets and doing research, and having some interesting conversations with my fiance on the subject of wedding arrangements.

On our way out of the mall, I just happened to spot a snake navel piercing, 14k gold, on clearance. Yoric bought it for me and said Happy Valentine's day. We had a really fun conversation with the sales lady - she's pierced and tattooed, and said her 18 year old just got her 4th tattoo, and she took both her daughters to get their navels pierced.

So, now I have a book and a shiny.
22nd-Jan-2010 03:40 pm - Discouraged at the gym
I have been going to the gym 6 days a week for the last 10 weeks. My diet's better, I'm drinking more water, I've upped my weights, I'm sweating after workouts.

And I've gained weight. Not a little, a LOT of weight.
I've gone up a pants size, and despite the fact that my muscles are gaining definition, I swear I'm not losing any fat.

I'm at 149 lbs and just heartbroken. This is my personal heaviest weight.

I'll keep at it, but I may have to put myself on a diet of iceberg lettuce. Note: I know it has no nutritional value, but it makes you feel full.

Encouragement strongly requested.
1st-Jan-2010 05:44 pm - NYE and NYDay
pretty bunny
NYE was spent at House Jarvinen, with much laughter, MUCH food, and much love. We got home quite late, and didn't get to sleep until 4am. I did get a much better magical name, too: Silkworm. I've used Greenchimes in the past, but that's more my online persona.

I woke at 1pm, Yoric was absent, but waked in just a few minutes later. He came into the bedroom and gave me Happy Birthday snuggles. He was insistent about taking me out to lunch, so we showered and dressed up pretty, and went to the Chianti Grill (new location on Snelling). I ordered up a coffee, and Yoric handed me 3 cards: Audrey Hepburn wished me a Happy New Year, 3 Bichons told me I was told me I was the greatest gift, and Love asked me to marry him. I looked up, and Yoric was on his knees, shaking, an open box in his hand, holding the serpent ring I wanted. I smiled and said yes immediately.

Yoric had stolen my phone earlier; apparently he had told everyone we know he was going to propose and had a sudden panic that someone would tell me before he got to it. So I got it back, got to update my Facebook page, and take a picture of us. Got to call my mom, Chad's mom, my brother.

Food was fabulous as well: Spinach Ravioli for me, Walleye for Yoric, followed by a complimentary Creme Brulee, with a candle, for my birthday. Excellent coffee.

Home to bake a cake for tonight's festivities: dinner and hot tub!

The day has been perfect.
31st-Dec-2009 05:10 pm - The...Decade in review?
Chibi Capricorn
Wait, no, the DECADE in review?

HOLY CRAP. I'm old enough to remember a decade in which very important things happened. Is this what getting old is? IT'S AWESOME.

2000: Graduate HS in Japan. Pack everything I own to return to MN to attend the U. During summer, give away my dog, helped Mom put Grandma Ginny in an assisted living facility, finally told Mom my stepfather was inappropriately touching me. Start the U in fall, Mom gets an email telling her not to return to Tokyo (divorce via email - so classy), she goes to Tokyo to pack HER stuff.

2001: Grandma Ginny dies. Mom goes through divorce proceedings: funniest moment when opposing council claims $200 spent at Walgreens and Target is excessive, and gets shot down by a LOOK from the judge. Mom and I get Rosie. 9/11 happens. I go to my first University Pagan Society meeting, and meet Yoric77 and TwinkQ.

2002: Spend the year falling in love.

2003: Finally figure out I want a Theatre degree, and go for it.

2004: Summer job with DNC, got very involved in fight to keep George Bush out of office. Attended my first Sacred Harvest festival - VERY COLD YEAR. Mom got Abby. I graduated in December. Bush won.

2005: Wizard of Oz middle school play - still haunted by it. Got a job at Valeo IP for a few months before company folded. Joined temp company, later hired by Real Estate Equities. Went to HS reunion in LA, had a surprisingly good time. Bunny has 1st leg surgery.

2006: Moved in with Yoric and TwinkQ. Grandpa Randall dies, Grandma Randall diagnosed with Alzheimers.

2007: Lost my job with Real Estate Equities. Got involved with Pagan Pride. Got my work-related arm injury. Mom got Mindy. Moved into Stillwater St.

2008: Better drugs, anxiety turned off. Went to chiropractor for arm pain, had suit settled. Raisin dies. Got my 1st laptop, Kaylee. Job at Science Museum. Walked in Alzheimer's Walk. Discover Facebook. Watched the entirety of the BATB series. TwinkQ breaks up with Chad and me. Obama wins election. Begin watching Star Trek Universe.

2009: Moved to Upper Afton Rd. Bunny has 2nd leg surgery. Road trip to Kansas. Grandma Randall passes on. Yoric falls on ice. Epic paintings for CON. Yoric falls from telephone pole. Fest is awesome, get Kipling. Yoric starts Reflective Elements. Reconnect with my half-brother in CA. Brief stint with Harry Long. Gain a lot of weight. Intern at Children's Museum. Abby dies. Join Anytime Fitness. Become the Animal Wrangler for the foreseen future. Mom hosts Thanksgiving. Epic Xmas win and fail.

I've done a lot of growing. I've got awesome friends, standing dates, a lot more experience, and am continuing to become the person I want to be.
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